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Walking in Hertfordshire and The Chilterns

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Walking With Us

About Our Walks

  • We welcome new members and are happy for people to have two or three taster walks before deciding whether or not they want to join us.
  • If you are new to the group, please introduce yourself to the leader who will make you welcome.
  • Our walks vary in length between 3 and 16 miles and are usually in Herts, Beds or Bucks though we do venture further afield, for example to London.
  • Most of the walks are on Sundays with a Tuesday walk about once a month.
  • We tend to have a tea/coffee stop after about an hour so it is usual to bring a flask or other drink of choice. If a walk is 7 miles or longer there will be a lunch stop. Please bring food with you. Most of our walks are in rural areas and there is unlikely to be an opportunity to buy food. If the lunch stop happens to be near a pub it is fine to go in for a drink but we do not have pub lunches as it takes too long to serve everyone. However, a pub lunch is sometimes part of the programme and it is usually possible to have a meal at the end of short walks.
  • We strongly recommend that walkers bring a bottle of water to drink.
  • You do not need to buy a lot of expensive equipment. The most essential items are a pair of good walking boots and a waterproof coat plus a backpack for flask/water bottle (and picnic, if required). A walking stick can be useful in muddy places (and occasionally to beat back the nettles!). The leader is not responsible for first aid, so it is advisable to bring your own plasters etc.
  • As a rough guide we tend to walk at about 2 miles an hour including stops so a 10 mile walk should be completed in 5 hours.
  • Well behaved dogs are usually welcome on walks but this is at the discretion of the leader. Phone ahead to check if you are unsure. It is important that dogs are kept under proper control, and on leads in areas where livestock are kept and on roads.
  • Occasionally it is necessary to change or cancel walks at short notice. When this happens we will publish a notice on our web site (www.westhertsramblers.org.uk) and send an email to all members who have elected to recieve email contact from the Ramblers.
  • If you have any questions about a specific walk contact the leader (contact details are in the programme) or contact the walks organiser about more general issues.

Walking Etiquette

  • Please try to arrive in good time for the start of the walk, allowing time to put on boots etc.
  • It is bad practice to walk ahead of the leader in case he/she takes a different route behind you! It also puts pressure on the leader to walk faster when that might not be appropriate for the group as a whole.
  • If using walking poles, walkers are asked to be careful so they they do not trip others.
  • Let the leader or backmarker know if you need to leave the group for a while, for example for a comfort stop.
  • Please support the leader and make new members feel welcome.
Saturday, December 15, 2018