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How to get a login

There is no need to log in unless you want to submit photos. If you are a member of West Herts Ramblers and you would like to submit photos, then you will need to have an account on the web site. You can request an account from the login page. Go to the Login page and press the Don't have an account? button. Complete the registration form and press the Register button. Once your request has been processed you will receive an email confirming your account has been set up and you will then be able to login. It may take a few days before you receive the email.

If you had an account on the old West Herts web site this is no longer active and you must create a new account.

The new login account is only valid for the West Herts site and you cannot use it to login to the national Ramblers web site nor can you use your national Ramblers account login to access the West Herts site.

How to change your password

Once you have logged in select the Change My Details page from the My Account menu. Enter and confirm your new password and press submit. Your new password will be effective immediately.

How to change your email address

Once you have logged in select the Change My Details page from the My Account menu. Enter and confirm your new email address and press submit. Your new email will be effective immediately.

Forgotten your username or password

Go to the Login page and press the Forgot your password? or Forgot your username? buttons. You will be asked to confirm your email address. When you press submit your username or password will be sent to your email address.

How to find out a walk start point

If you are unsure of where a walk starts from, the web site includes some tools to help you.

If the walk is listed in the Our next walks box on the home page, click on the walk in the list. This will then show you more details of the walk and include a map showing the start point. It also gives a nearest post code, but beware post codes can be misleading particularly in rural areas or where the car park is not in a built up area.

The walk can also be selected from the walks programme page. Expand the walk in the list by clicking on the red + sign (or the green man) alongside the walk.

Pressing on the Google directions link will take you to a Google map showing the walk start point (it's the red bat symbol). It will also suggest a route (or routes) to the start point from your home. It doesn't always remember where you live and if it gets it wrong click on the route start point (black circle without the red bat symbol) and drag it to your home.

Pressing on the OS Map link will take you to a Streetmap page showing the start point as an arrow in the centre of an OS map.

You can zoom the scale of all the maps by pressing the + and - buttons.

How to add your photos to the Photo Gallery

To add photos you must be a member of the West Herts group, have an account and be logged in.

We can only accept photos in jpg format, your camera will probably save them in that format by default. Before uploading your pictures it is best to collect them together in a separate folder on your computer or tablet.

Photographs produced by modern digital cameras can be very high resolution and consequently produce large files which are slow to upload. The resolution is often much higher than we need and, if you can, it is best (but not essential) to reduce the resolution before you upload them. The photo processing app that you got with your camera will probably allow you to do this. If not apps such as Microsoft Paint will. There is a maximum limit of 10Mb but the aim is to reduce the file size to be below 500Kb. Before attempting this make a copy of your pictures and edit the copy not the original. In your photo processing app select resize (or equivalent) and set the horizontal width of the photo to be 1600 pixels (make sure that it maintains the aspect ratio otherwise the picture will be distorted). Save the picture as a jpg (pick medium if you are prompted for a Quality setting).

To upload the photos select the Upload  > My Photos page from the My Account menu.

Use the Photo Uploader in the left hand column of the page to upload your photos one by one. Press the browse button and navigate to the folder on your computer which holds the photos, select the one to be uploaded and press the Upload Photo button.

If the upload fails and your browser displays a message saying 'This page can't be displayed', press the browser refresh/reload button and try the upload again.

Once you have uploaded your photos they will appear in the Photos Uploaded box can be viewed by clicking on them or deleted by clicking on the tick box alongside the photo and pressing the delete selected button (to delete them all press the select all button and then press delete selected).

When you delete photos you will be asked to confirm the delete, and some browsers will include a tick box stating 'Don't let this page create more messages'. Do not tick this box as doing so will mean you will be unable to delete any other photos or receive other alerts from the web site. If you do tick this box it will be necessary to restart (or potentially reset) your browser to restore alerts.

You do not have to upload all of your photos in one session and you can leave the site and return later to continue.

When you are finished enter a Title and Date for the photo set and press Submit. The site administrator will then include your photo set in the Photo Gallery and send you an email when this has been completed. This may take a few days. Once your photos appear on the Photo Gallery they will be removed from the Upload Page.

If you want to add sets of photos with different titles and dates, submit them as separate sets and wait until each set has been added and you have received a confirmation email before uploading the next set.

If you wish to remove your photos from the Photo Gallery please send an email to the Site Administrator requesting that they are removed.

How to add a video link to the Photo Gallery

If you have YouTube or other videos of our walks or events you can add a link to them to the Photo Gallery.

To add a link you must be a member of the West Herts group, have an account and be logged in.

To add a link select the Upload > Add Video Link page from the My Account menu.

Enter a Title, Date and the video URL then press Submit. The site administrator will then include your link in the Photo Gallery and send you an email when this has been completed. This may take a few days. 

If you want to add more than one link, submit them separately and wait until each link has been added and you have received a confirmation email before entering the next link.

How to add a walk track to the Recent Walks list

If you have GPX track file from a GPS device of one of our walks you can submit the track for inclusion on the Recent Walks page.

To add a track you must be a member of the West Herts group, have an account and be logged in.

To submit the GPX file select the Upload > GPX File page from the My Account menu. Upload the file using the Upload a gpx file box. Enter the walk details, select the GPX file and press the submit button. The site administrator will then include your file in the Recent Walks list and send you an email when this has been completed.  As for photos you may only make one submission at a time and the details and file will be shown here until the track has been added to the Recent Walks list.

Files can be deleted by pressing the red cross alongside the file, but don't do this if you have submitted the file.

How to submit a walk for the next walks programme

To submit a walk you must be a member of the West Herts group, have an account and be logged in.

Before submitting a walk select Next Programme from the Walks menu to show the list of walks that have already been submitted. Check that you are not submitting the same walk as somebody else and pick a free date.

Then select Submit a Walk from the My Account menu.

This page will show the list of your walks (if you have already created any) and allow you to create a new one. Press Add to create a new walk.

Complete the fields to describe your walk, all those marked with a * are compulsary and must be entered before the walk can be submitted. Hover over each field to show its description.

You don't have to complete all the fields in one go and can save the walk and return to it later.

When you are ready to submit a walk save and close it, then from the My Walks list select submit from the Action menu. The walk will be checked and if OK it will be sent to the walks organiser and you will be sent a copy. Once submitted you will be able to view it  but won't be able to edit it. If you wish to make a change you will need to contact the walks organiser.

Both the Next Walks Programme calendar and the Submit A Walk pages will only be available during the period that the programme is being compiled.

Saturday, December 15, 2018