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Definitive Maps

Definitive maps are maintained by county councils and show all the rights of way within their area. They should be used if you want to check the status of a path, but be aware that the councils generally do not guarantee that online maps are always upto date.

Most councils maintain an online version of the map and links to the ones in our area are listed below.

All of these maps have their own way of operating. Some show the rights of way immediately whilst others require you to select the map and/or the overlays shown on the map.


HS2 will significantly affect our walking area and many of the paths that we use are liable to be closed or diverted during the construction phase and beyond.

An outline of the route it will take through our area is shown in the map below.

More detailed maps can be see here.

Buckinghamshire County Council have added the following page to their web site and will be using it to list all the rights of way changes generated by HS2. If you are walking in the affected areas check this page first.

* These sites are not secure.

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